• A mission to give every child access to

      the best opportunities at school

    • The Problem

      Access to resources, experiences and opportunity depends on where you grow up.

      4 million children in the UK live in poverty

      29% attainment gap between poor students and their peers at GCSE

      DfE (2019)

      £8,000 raised by average state school PTA every year

      £670,000 raised by average private school every year

      71% governors say funding is the biggest issue facing their school

      £100m donations from alumni missed by state schools every year

    • We have a solution

      We're reducing educational inequality by making it quicker and easier for schools to fundraise.

      Empowering teachers

      Connecting communities

      Transforming education

    • Results so far

      455 projects launched

      £350,000 raised

      125,000 students benefited

    • Help us support every school in the UK

      Rocket Fund is a non-profit crowdfunding platform for schools.


      It's a proven model, used by 81% of schools in the US.


      We've successfully tested the model in the UK and are now raising funds to scale.

    • Want to get involved?

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    • Founding partners


    • “Classrooms haven’t evolved much over the last 100 years.

      Rocket Fund allows for experimentation, which is an important part of the process of change."

      Daryl Rodrigo, VP at pi-top.

      Match funded Shacklewell Primary School

      “Giving someone else the ability to experience what we would all have loved as a child made us very happy!"

      Ben Knight, COO at Croud.

      Match funded Rotherfield Primary School & St Giles Primary School

      "A small contribution can make a vast difference.

      Contributing to the lives and development of students across the country will create a lasting legacy that benefits everyone.​"

      Peter Black, CEO of Energysys , supported Hyndland Primary School